Powerful Talks for Students

In this dynamic, interactive presentation, students learn about how their brains work and critical, brain-based techniques for academic achievement and mental health.

Professional Development for Teachers

Learn how to implement a brain-based classroom to boost student achievement and improve learning outcomes.


How Teens Think: A Talk for Parents

Teenage brains are radically different from adult brains and these differences go a long way toward explaining the divide between adolescents and adults. Learn what to do about it.

What people are saying about Teen Brain Science

Great stuff! Tom completely changed my perspective on dealing with teens- both students and my own kids. His enthusiasm is contagious!

Tom really got the group engaged and involved and he went out of his way to address our concerns. I really appreciated how all questions were answered.

Tom did a great job of relating the brain itself to why our students behave the way they do. This made for a better understanding of who our students are. He also provided good strategies to use in our classroom for dealing with kids.