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The Teen Brain: Under Construction

  We’ve said it before and we will say it again: The brains of teenagers are fundamentally different from adult brains. One of the biggest differences is in the development of myelin. As you might remember from our last article, myelin is a fat coating that develops along nerve cells and speeds up the signals […]

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Brain Games!

Playing games is a great way to keep your brain healthy. Lots of different games will work (chess, scrabble, sudoku) but scientists have begun designing video games to specifically target core cognitive skills like attention, processing speed and memory. In addition to improvements in these specific areas, research has shown that regularly playing brain games […]

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Introducing the Nerve Cell

The brain is composed largely of nerve cells, or neurons. They look like this: As you can see, neurons are kind of funny looking. They have a fat body with lots of branches coming off it (dendrites) and one really long leg that extends out from the cell body, the axon. Dendrites receive connections from […]

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